So what is Man About the House?

So here is the concept in a nutshell. We find iconic, extraordinary and breathtaking architecturally designed houses or buildings and we turn them into temporary performance spaces. They become little theatres where not only can you enjoy a show which weaves story telling, standup comedy and music but the audience can also and explore the space as well. That means lounging around on furniture, opening up cupboards, having a glass of wine and generally making yourself at home. Most people love going into a great house and checking it out so all we have done is soup this up with some entertainment. Man About the House often lets people experience properties that they would never normally be able to.


I’m insane! After performing in every conceivable large venue over the years I had a desire to do something more intimate, personal and meaningful.

I wanted to combine my three loves into a show, comedy music and design. I’ve always been passionate about Mid Century Modern architecture and its preservation so this show has enabled me to explain in a completely different way why the architecture of the second half of the 20th century should be protected.

I also wanted to work with my best friend Kit Warhurst. We have been doing music together since we were at University and this has been the perfect opportunity for us to hang out, write music and sing silly songs.

How did it happen?

In 2012 with the assistance of Sydney Living Museums we premiered the show at Rose Seidler House, the first house Harry Seidler built in Australia in 1949.

The sell out season was enough encouragement for us to continue and since then our venues have been a roll call of both Australian (Seidler, Boyd, Murcutt and Dorney) and overseas architects (Lautner, Levitt, USA) (Donner, NZ)

How do we find our venues?

Sometimes we are asked, sometimes we ask nicely or beg but all of our venues have to have a wow factor in some way. If they move us, we know that the audience will be blown away by the space also. Some are museums, others are private homes and others are commercial venues. Most are modernist in nature but they aren’t always old and we are looking at all types of venues for future shows. If you would like us to come and do a show at your house, please make contact with us.